Manual Fire Alarm Box


NOHMI’s FMMN, FMRN & FMBN series manual fire alarm box was designed based on a new concept considering functionality, accessibility, and usability, and won the Japan Good Design Gold Award 2014 together with the ring-shaped location lamp. The fire alarm box is 40mm smaller in diameter than the previous model to match the ring-shaped location lamp. The fire alarm box can be installed with a surface or recess adapter in retrofit applications. The manual fire alarm box initiates a fire alarm signal by pushing the plexi-glass, which is noticeable by its white edge. The operated plexi-glass can be restored by only lifting up the reset lever inside the jack cover. A telephone jack is provided inside the jack cover on the fire alarm box except FMMN202-U. Inserting the plug of a telephone handset into the jack makes telecommunication ready between the fire alarm control panel and the manual fire alarm box. A response lamp is also provided on fire alarm box except FMMN202-U to indicate that a fire alarm signal has been received at the fire alarm control panel. The fire alarm signal initiated from a manual fire alarm box can be utilized to start the hydrant pump with a NOHMI’s FYH series hydrant pump starting relay box incorporated.