Wireless Wristband Panic Transmitter


RISCO Group’s Wristband Panic Transmitter is a single
function transmitter used to signal a panic alarm in the
event of distress. By pressing the button on the panic
transmitter, a digitally coded wireless signal is sent to the
security panel and triggers an event or call for help.
The Wristband Panic Transmitter is compatible with
RISCO Group’s programmable wireless receivers and is
available in 433.92MHz and 868.65MHz frequency bands.
This water-resistant panic transmitter can be worn on a
wristband or as a pendant and is ideal for the elderly or
disabled who might not be able to reach the phone in the
event of an emergency.
Additional features include:

• Low battery and transmission LED indication
• Uses one of 16 million codes without dipswitches
• Includes lithium battery with a 3-year battery life
• Includes a wristband and necklace (cord)

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