Control Panel LightSYS™2

LightSYS 2 is a professional hybrid security system designed with installers in mind. LightSYS 2 is:

  • Popular with end-users due to a Smartphone App for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Simple to Install and Support
  • Flexible for any type of installation

Popular with Home and Business Owners

  • LightSYS 2 has a trendy Smartphone App for end-users, smoothing the sale from installer to home and business owners.

SimplicityLightSYS 2 is the easiest system on the market to install and support, with all the following:

  • Snap-in modules and plug-in communication modules within the main housing
  • A complete range of battery powered fully wireless sounders, keypads, keyfobs and detectors
  • Remote service and configuration with RISCO Bus and 2-Way Wireless detectors
  • Simple keypad menu structure, only relevant menus are displayed
  • Automatic upgrade of accessories from main panel during installation
  • Quicker retrofit with selectable EOL resistance
  • Seamless Configuration Software connectivity via RISCO Cloud

FlexibilityLightSYS 2 has unrivaled flexibility for suiting any type of installation

  • Wired, 2-Way Wireless or RISCO Bus detectors in any combination
  • A variety of keypads, accessories and peripherals for any application and budget
  • Communication flexibility – IP, GSM/GPRS, Long Range Radio, PSTN –all within the main housing
  • Wireless Expander installed inside or outside the main housing
  • Suitable for residential, SMB, remote sites and more
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